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Your system supplier for lighting systems in agriculture

PSL-Light develops and sells lighting systems for animal husbandry and industrial applications. Our team of highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in lighting technology has specialized in the optimal illumination of every individual structural situation.

Together with our component manufacturers, we have specially adapted our products to the high demands of animal husbandry. Our systems are all dust and water resistant and because of using the latest LED technology, our customers can save up to 65% on energy costs compared to conventional lamps. With currently increasing energy costs, this is an extremely important factor for your economic success.

The right lighting conditions contribute to optimal well-being in the rearing and fattening area in poultry and pig farming. In order to be able to develop an optimal lighting concept for your type of barn, it is important to understand how your animals perceive the world. The vision of broilers, turkeys and breeders differs significantly from that of humans. For example, they can perceive colors and especially UV light better. They also see much more clearly, which plays a big part in the subject of lighting. However, they also have a poorer sense of spatial vision.

Our LED lighting, specially developed for modern agriculture, is ideal for use in chicken, turkey, breeder and pig houses. The uniform light distribution guarantees optimal illumination in the barn, because our LED lights are flicker-free and dimmable from 0 to 100%. Special two-color lights (white/red) allow great flexibility in optimizing the light color for your species.

The high energy efficiency with a lifespan of 50,000 h in combination with the water and dust resistance of the IP66-67-certified LED lights also ensures excellent cost-effectiveness.

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