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Our LED lighting, specially developed for modern agriculture, is ideal for use in poultry and pig houses. The uniform light distribution guarantees optimal illumination in the barn, because our LED lights are flicker-free and dimmable from 0 to 100%. Special two-color lights (white/red) allow great flexibility in optimizing the light color for your species.

The high energy efficiency with a lifespan of 50,000 h in combination with the water and dust resistance of the IP66-67-certified LED lights also ensures excellent cost-effectiveness.

  • PS-LED Lup L 9W

    LED-Lamp with 9 W (white) + 6 W (red), 48 V

  • PS-LED Lup SL 10 W

    LED-Lamp with 10 W, 220 V

  • PS-LED Lup 6WW

    LED-Light-Chain with 3 W, 48 V

  • PS-LED Lup-L

    LED-Light-Chain with 3 W, 48 V

  • PS-LED Lup-LA

    LED-Tube Lamp with 6 W, 48 V

  • PS-LED Lup UFO

    LED-Spotlight with 150 W or 200 W, 230 V

  • PS-LED Lup Tube

    LED-Tube Lamp 20 W, 22 W or 28 W, 230 V

  • PS-LED Lup-H

    LED-Tube Lamp with 30 W, 230 V

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